The BST-12 is a hand-held battery tester with adjustable display brightness and very easy to use. Additionally to the battery test the BST-12 is able to check the electrical system of a vehicle. The integrated printer allows to print the results of the quick and precise tests for clients and the mechanic.

Battery Test

  • Batteries can be tested on batteries in the car and stand-alone batteries as well
  • Results of the battery test: ‘Good’ or ‘To replace’
  • State of charge (in V)
  • Resistance (in MΩ)
  • Battery life expectancy (in %)
  • Before testing: select rating for better accuracy (CCA, SAE, DIN, JIS#, IEC, EN, CA or Unknown)

Starter Test

  • Checks the cranking effectiveness of the battery easily and quickly
  • Results will be shown on the display
  • Results indicate old batteries and batteries with problems to crank a vehicle in near future

Grounding Test

  • Quick and easy test of the engine body and vehicle chassis
  • Displaying results and recommendations after testing

Alternator Test

  • Check the MAX and MIN charging voltages output of the alternator at 3000 RPM without load / at 2000 RPM with all loads
  • Results will be shown after testing