Flashpower PFP-100

Battery Power Support Unit

PFP-100 is a professional 100 Ampere vehicle battery power support unit with high performance, compact size and high quality. It is used by garages, car electrician, car dealerships mainly for supplying continuous power to the vehicles battery, during all stages of ECU reprogramming and flashing, according to the request of car OEMS. Constantly detect the battery state to prevent damage from overcharging as well as battery protection with automatic stop and alarm.

Operations Panel

Tech Specs

Input Voltage: 110V/220V

Rate: 50/60Hz

Input Power: 1.200W


Charging Voltage: 12V

Programming mode: 2~16V / 2~100A

MAH: 10 ~ 1.200Ah

Dimension: 430 x 350 x 140 mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 7.7 kg

Operation Procedure

The machine will automatically adjust the charging voltage and current, during charging process.


Charge mode:

Programming mode:
  • To avoid voltage instability caused by charging, the battery has to be fully charged before using Programming mode.
  • Adjustable mode is used for the different voltage requirement of different vehicles

Safety Protection

Overcharge protection: The machine will constantly detect the battery state to prevent damage from overcharging in the charging process.


Overheat protection: Flashpower will automatically stop charging when the machine is overheated.


Low voltage protection: When the input voltage is lower than required, the machine will not work.


Short circuit protection: The machine will not work and alarm when internal part short circuit occurs.


Revert polarity protection: The LCD displays, if the battery clip is reversed.


ON/OFF: If the charging clamp is in bad contact, press the key to enter the forced start mode.