High-pressure GDI solution

Gasoline direct injection requires high pressure testing to truly diagnose operation faults. Launch provides the complete testing solution in the market today, with the Revolutionary GD1R Test bench.

  • Test bench for 1 Direct Injector up to 300 Bar HP @ 6.0 Bar Compressed air
  • Test bench for 1 Conventional MPFi or 1 Racing application Injector 0–10 Bar
  • Electronic Static Mass Measurement (DFAP) Resolution: 0.1 mm3, Acc: 0.6 %FS
  • Manual or Automatic Operation
  • Workshop and Expert level of Diagnosis
  • 7 min testing phase
  • 8” Touchscreen HMI


All Makes CZ and User Database

Piezo Programmable profiles and Solenoid actuation (HV: 0–300 Volts / 0–35 A)

Fully programmable charging and discharging Piezo signal profiles

Injector and PCB protection circuit (StG, StB, SC, OC, IC)

Multiple Injections capability

User friendly, ergonomic, dynamic & robust design

Spill-free hose quick connectors

Set of GDi adapters, fittings and connectors for all makes and types

Clear protective test bench cover with dual cut-off switch

Tests Performed


Electrical test for kΩ / μF, Ω / μH


Check For Leaks test (injector internal or external)


Static High Nozzle Leak test

iVM (FL, PL, EM, LL, PI): 

Injector Volume Measuring test (min 15-steps)
(full-load, part-load, emissions, low-load, pre / post-injection tests and more)


Injector nozzle Response-time test


Dynamic Spray test performed in all testing conditions