golo Carcare


In combination with a usual smartphone or tablet, the driver can carry a compact vehicle check or perform additionally a real-time remote diagnosis by the workshop of his choice. If the analysis indicates that an error exists in the vehicle system, the driver immediately receives a message. Especially for the customer relationship the golo proves to be a useful tool.


  • Remote diagnosis (by authorized person)
    – Testing of all ECUs in the car
    – Real-time diagnosis
  • Independent vehicle check for engine management
  • Continuous real-time monitoring through the workshop possible
  • Variety of personalized functions (messenger, reporting and much more)


  • Vehicle check: Remote diagnosis (full system) & independent diagnosis (quick check of the engine management)
  • Certainty, because of the possibility of a professional vehicle check by an expert anywhere and anytime thanks golo remote diagnosis
  • Direct communication between driver and workshop
  • Safety anywhere and anytime thanks real-time monitoring by an authorized workshop
  • Fast data transfer by using Bluetooth technology
  • Communication with the golo community
  • Easy-to-use golo app (continuous development)

golo Carcare – how it works

  1. Install the free golo Carcare app from the Apple App Store or Google Play on your smartphone / tablet.
  2. Plug in the golo Carcare into your OBD port.
  3. Connect your smartphone with your golo Bluetooth.
  4. After a short registration you are ready to use the golo Carcare.
  5. Using the golo Carcare app you can communicate with your workshop now.

(The golo Carcare is compatible with LAUNCH diagnostic tools based on Android OS, e.g. X-431 PRO, PRO 3, PAD II.)

Tech Specs

  • Power supply: via OBD port
  • Suitable for: iOS & Android devices
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Operating by free and easy to use app
  • Weight: 26 g