KWB-521 has the high measurement accuracy, a user-friendly operation process, and many advanced functions specially for alloy rim.
It can make the fully automatic 3 parameter measurement, and indicate the fix position by laser.
The “Hide weight” special function can place the lead weights invisibly on the rim. 


Automatic measuring of the distance, rim diameter and rim width

High accuracy and sensibility +/- 1 gr

Dynamic, static, aluminum programs,
aluminum weight optimizing and hiden weight

Weights position indicated by Laser

Automatic start-stop

Simple process for exact calibration

Technical Data

Working Voltage:

220 V

Rim Diameter Range:


Max. Wheel Diameter:

650 mm

Wheel Width:


Max. Wheel Weight:

75 kg

Tolerance of measure:

+/- 1,0 g

Measuring time:

7 s

Measuring speed:

180 rpm

Motor Power:

0.75 kW

User-friendly Interfaces