Pilot TPMS

Pilot TPMS is a professional diagnostic tool that integrates the passenger vehicle’s basic diagnostic functions, common special functions and TPMS sensor activation, reading, programming (LAUNCH RF-Sensor) and learning. 

It activates reading tire pressure information via low-frequency or high-frequency reception signals and resets the TPMS module by OBD interface.

It can achieve full-model, full-system automotive fault diagnosis, and has 6 kinds of commonly used service and reset functions. It is a brand-new TPMS diagnostic tool with strong competitiveness.


Cover more than 30 imported vehicle brands

Cover more than 30 imported vehicle brands

Automatic VIN identification

OBD full-function diagnosis

TPMS functions (full functions with LAUNCH RF-Sensor)

6 Service functions

One-click upgrade

Automatic creation and QR code sharing of diagnostic report

Diagnostic Feedback

TPMS Functions

  • Sensor Activation
  • Sensor Programming
  • Sensor learning

Diagnostic Functions

  • Full-system, basic-function diagnosis
  • Read, delete fault code
  • Live stream

Service Functions

  • ABS Bleeding
  • Organic oil reset
  • Brake pad reset
  • Battery matching
  • DPF regeneration
  • Steering angle reset