( Metal )

LAUNCH RF-Sensor is an universal TPMS sensor that covers 95 % of OE Parts. As a radio frequency sensor it can be programmed by Pilot TPMS and used to replace the OE Sensor of the car. It’s a convenient and powerful solution for the service shops that provide TPMS service.


Single SKU for

– Universal OE Replacement (> 95 % OE Coverage)

– Multi-BandProtocols (315 MHz / 433 MHz)

– Aluminum & Rubber Stems

Over-the-Air Programming

Can program before or after tires’ mounting

5+ Years Battery Life

Sensor Activation

  • Cover more than 98 % of models with tire pressure system
  • Activate all 315 MHz / 433 MHz sensors
  • Read, copy and write sensor ID
  • Read tire pressure data, including pressure, tire temperature, battery state

TPMS – OTA Over-the-Air Programming