TLT-235 SBA (E)

TLT235SBA(E) is a solid-base-plate hydraulic 2-post lift. With its solid H-form base, it is suitable for installation on the weak ground.  With its new electrical control system and electromagnetic unlock, it operates easily to lift the various small and medium-sized vehicles with total weight below 3.5 t in workshop.


  • Double hydraulic cylinder and high strength chain drive makes stable and smooth lifting and lowering.
  • Emergency lowering valve can be manually operated to make lift lower safely in case power is off.
  • Adopt two steel cables for equalization, force two carriages to move synchronously, and effectively prevent the vehicle from tilting.
  • Lowest height of lifting pad is 110 mm, good for repairing low chassis or low profile car.
  • CE-STOP function with safety alarm beep would automatically warn operators to keep safe distance from lift when it lowers to about 250 mm high from ground.
  • Electromagnetic full-scope high-safety lock.

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 3500 kg
  • Height: 2900 mm
  • Width: 3500 mm
  • Lifting height: 1920 mm
  • Lowest height: 110 mm
  • Length of the arm: 665–1215 mm
  • Lifting time: 50 s
  • Motor power: 2.2 kW
  • Voltage: 380 V
  • Amount of oil: 10 L
  • Weight: 735 kg