TWC-521 has very strong structure, flexible operating mechanism, and high-quality electrical and pneumatic parts, which achieve  the hig reliability.
With the Multi-joint help arm, it makes the tire changing process very simple and safe.  


Metal pedal system is
more stable and stronger

Single way bead breaking cylinder
save 30 % air and electric energy

Turntable Cylinder 

360 kg maximum clamping power

The air guider inside adopt 3 level rubber ring,
with better designed sealing system

Inside gear system using the rare oil to protect the
whole system and to avoid infuse the oil frequently

Bead breaking system (6 mm plastic protector)
With new structure better for big size tire

Technical Data

Input Voltage Options:

380 V

Working Pressure:

0.8–1 MPa

Inner clamping range:


Outer clamping range:


Wheel Width:


Working Table Size:


Max. Wheel Diameter:

1050 mm

Bead breaker force:

2500 kg

Mounting speeds:

6–13 U/min

Compressed air connection:

8–10 Bar

Noise level:

70 dB (A)