TWC-621 NoLever

TWC-621 NoLever

The TWC-621 NoLever from the LAUNCH Premium Line is a tyre changer designed for effortless ergonomic working with all range of tyres especially for run-flat and low-profile tyres. With a tough and robust structure, and NoLever Technology the TWC-621 assures accurate and smooth operations without damaging the rim or tyre. With a pneumatic tilting column and a sturdy reinforced body chassis the machine is a perfect choice for any workshop to keep up high quality and swift workflow.

Technical Data

380 V

Operating Pressure
8 - 10 bar

Inner Clamping
12 - 24"

Outer Clamping
10 - 22"

Max. Wheel Diameter
1.050 mm

Wheel Width
4 - 13"

Rotation Speed
6 - 13 rpm

Turntable Diameter
9 - 24"

70 dB (A)

Bead Breaking Force
2.500 kg


Integrated NoLever Solution

Integrated Assistant Arm

Robust Body

Tilting Tower


Powder Coated

Scope of Delivery

TWC-621 NoLever Tyre Changer

Tyre Pressure Gauge

WDK Certificate incl. Accessories

TWC-621 NoLever

WDK Accessories

Bead Pusher (Rope Chain)

Spacer for Bead Breaker

Bead Pusher (Clamp)

Plastic Protection for Bead Breaker

Flange Protection

Tyre Lever (Plastic)

Tyre Mounting Paste


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