X-431 ADAS Mobile

Mobile ADAS Calibration System

Wide Vehicle Coverage

Big Targets, Small Targets

X-431 ADAS Mobile is an innovative, portable ADAS calibration tool for calibrating ADAS systems and ideal for repair businesses to target a new revenue stream. The unique fully foldable design can minimise the transporting risk, speed up the setup procedure and calibrate in various places. X-431 ADAS Mobile Tool enables calibration of Lane Departure Warning (LDW) systems and ACC systems.


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Easy Exchange of Panels

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5 Cross Line Laser

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Supports LDW and ACC System

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Modular System

Calibration System

X-431 ADAS Mobile

Sensor Calibration

X-431 ADAS Mobile

Lane Departure Warning System

LDW Small Targets

Lane Departure Warning System

LDW Big Targets

Europe Front Panel Set / optional

X-431 ADAS Mobile

Europe Rear Panel & 360° / optional

X-431 ADAS Mobile

Calibration Coverage

Over 40 Manufacturers

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Calibration Report


Following a VAS calibration, we provide you and your customers with a report. This will record details of the vehicle and the actual calibration.

Standard Calibration Set

Scope of Delivery


Only In Combination With

X-431 EURO PRO 5 or TAB II

The ADAS function (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is compatible with the high-end diagnostic device X-431 EURO PRO 5 or the TAB II.

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