X-861 3D Wheel Aligner is a new advanced wheel aligner from LAUNCH. With high accuracy X-861 is easy to start wheel alignment measurement based on concise operation instruction. With its movable high-speed camera system it is very suitable to operate at different working station and makes the alignment job faster.
X-861 European version uses European computer, printer and database, which can help the customer to get the fast support in Europe. It is a good choice for professional wheel service shops.


By using 3D measurement technology, measure is more accurate and more stable

Equipped with the high-speed camera system

Smart measurement with fully automatic tracking and moving function according to the height of the lift

Less fault because of the non-electronic targets on wheel

Unnecessary to calibrate

Easy to operate by using user-friendly software interfaces

Measurement Parameters

Total Toe-in:

± 20°

Individual  Toe-in:

± 20°


± 12°


± 25°

Kingpin inclination:

± 25°

Flinch Angle:

± 10°

Thrust Angle:

± 10°

User-friendly Software Interfaces

Software Lauguage

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

Technical Data

Input Voltage:

220 V AC (10 A)

Input Frequency:

50 ~ 60 Hz


0.5 kW