for X-431 PAD II

Turn your professional diagnostics into a 4 channel Lab Scope with the LAUNCH Scopebox. The Scopebox quickly captures suspect / intermittent signals for waveform analysis via the screen of your X-431 PAD II. By analyzing waveforms, a variety of faults on sensors, actuators, circuits and electronic control units can be discovered – saving time on vehicle diagnosis and cutting down on unnecessary parts replacement costs.

Electrical signals and their waveforms can be recorded, displayed, compared and examined based on the following parameters: amplitude (the maximum voltage of a signal), shape (the form of the signal), pulse width (the duty cycle or time interval of the signal) and array (the repetition characteristics of the signal).


Features & Technical Data

  • Record und save waveforms
  • Print stored waveforms
  • Extensive library of known good waveforms
  • Waveform auto set up on all 4 channels
  • Independent ground on each channel – allows for clean signal without interference or potentially damaging feedback
  • Including ignition set-up pre-selects
  • Ultra-fast capture of “glitch” occurrences with advanced triggers
  • Built-in square wave signal generator ensures verification of accuracy & calibration
  • Playback of waveform can be slowed down for observation and analysis
  • Highest sampling rate in the industry to capture the smallest possible glitch: Four channel: up to 200 MHz; single channel: 50 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 20 MHz
  • DC accuracy: ± 1%
  • Plug & Play: Software comes pre-loaded – nothing to install!
  • Connects via USB
  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • High quality twist & lock BNC connectors
  • Including an array of conventional ignition adaptors
  • Including storage box and a comprehensive range of accessories