X-431 EURO TAB, based on Android system, is a new high-end vehicle trouble diagnostic device developed by LAUNCH. It passes on LAUNCH’s advantages in diagnostic technology, such as wide car model coverage, powerful test function, abundant special functions and accurate test data. X-431 EURO TAB has “Intelligent Diagnose” function, which makes the maintenance more intelligent and efficient. With the Bluetooth connector the X-431 EURO TAB covers most of the car models from Asia, Europe and America and achieves in-depth diagnostic functions even for luxury cars. Existing diagnostic functions include read DTC, clear DTC, read data stream, actuation test, adaptation, coding etc. For professional diagnosis, X-431 EURO TAB supports Scopebox, Sensorbox and Videoscope from LAUNCH. The new docking station can help storing and charging easier.

Docking Station

Practical storage for the connector and printer


  • Identify the car model by photographing VIN barcode or VIN scanning and check historical maintenance and diagnostic records online.
  • Supports matching, coding, programming, service lamp resetting,
    throttle matching, steering angle resetting, brake pad resetting.
  • Support most of the car models from Asia, Europe and America,
    such as Maserati, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Benz, BMW, and Audi.
  • Support the modules sensor and multimeter, battery detection, oscilloscope and endoscope.
  • Diagnosis for trucks with additional HD module.

Tech Specs


2.0 GHz 8 Cores

10.1” (1920 x 1200)


64 GB / support microSD card up to 128 GB

Wi-Fi Printer (optional)


front 2.0 MP / Rear 8.0 mp

15.000 mAh

305 x 182 x 34 mm (LxWxH)