X-931 contactless wheel aligner is a kind of equipment which can accurately measure the wheel alignment parameters without any component touching with the vehicle tire or wheel rim.

With its contactless laser and camera systems, the wheel rim will not be damaged, and it saves the time for mounting and demounting the wheel clamps. X-931 European version use the European computer, printer and database, which can help the cusomter to get the fast support in Europe.
It is a good choice for professional tire and wheel service shop. 


Easy to measure, greatly reduce the work frequency and intensity (unnecessary to mount and demount the wheel clamps and the targets)

Greatly increase the measurement work efficiency (unnecessary to perform the vehicle-pushing compensation operation)

Real contactless measurement, no any injury to the wheel rim, improve customer satisfaction

Measurement data accurate and real-time, adopts advanced technology of laser image processing

Easy to operate by using user-friendly software interfaces

Touch-less Measurement Systems

  • No need to fix clamps and targets. 
  • No need to push vehicle for compensation.
  • No lifting height limit.
  • Real contactless measurement, no any injury to the wheel rim.    

Measurement Parameters

Total Toe-in:

± 20°

Individual  Toe-in:

± 10°


± 10°


± 20°

Kingpin inclination:

± 20°

Thrust Angle:

± 5°

Technical Data


For passenger vehicle and light commercial vehicle, from 1800 mm to 3750 mm

Input Voltage:

100 ~ 220 V AC (10 A)

Input Frequency:

50 ~ 60 Hz


0.5 kW